Our Board

Our Board of Trustees is responsible for the governance of the school. Our Board is made up of 5 parent representatives, the Principal and a staff representative. Meetings are held in the staffroom and are open to all. Dates and times are available on the school calendar. You can contact the board via

What is a Board of Trustees?
All of New Zealand’s state and state-integrated schools have a board of trustees. Boards bring families, communities and schools together to work for a quality education for our children.

The board of trustees is a Crown entity. It is the employer of all school staff and sets the school’s overall strategic direction. The school’s principal is the board’s ‘chief executive’ and manages the school operation in line with the board’s policies.

The membership of the school board includes elected parent representatives, an elected staff representative and the principal.

What do trustees do?
School trustees have a very important role in making sure every child achieves their potential at school.

Here are some of the things they do:
Work with the principal and consult with staff, students and the community
Set the educational goals and strategic direction of the school
Monitor progress and let parents know how the school is progressing against its annual targets and how well students are achieving
Decide how the school’s funding will be spent
Select the school’s principal and support the development of all staff
Oversee the management of staff, property, finances, curriculum and administration.

What sort of skills do trustees need?
Trustees need a balance of skills and experiences. They need to work well in a team, be able to put plans in place for the school’s future, ask challenging questions and have good communications skills. It helps to have an understanding of financial matters and the education sector, and experience in managing people.

Who is on our Board?
Our board is made up of 5 elected members of the parent community, our principal and a staff representative.  Our board members are Shaun Twaddle, Sarah Lewis, Adeline Saunders, Rebecca Osborne and Warren Young

Board Chairperson
Shaun Twaddle

Marian Meehan

Staff Rep
Linda Kingston

Other members 

Adeline Saunders
Rebecca Osborne
Warren Young


Property Committee

Marian Meehan
Judy Cosgriff (co-opted School Executive Officer)

Finance Committee
Sarah Lewis (Chair)
Marian Meehan
Judy Cosgriff (co-opted School Executive Officer)

What does our board do?

The Boards’ role in our journey is to:
Support our school principal and to consult with staff, students and the community
Use the information we gather, and the guidance of the Ministry, to set the educational goals and a strategic direction of our school
Regularly hear reports from school management and monitor how well our students are achieving in relation to both our school and national targets
In line with our strategic planning, decide how the school’s funding will be spent
Actively support the professional development of all staff
Oversee the management of staff, property, finances, curriculum and administration

When does our board meet?
Our board aims to have ten meetings per year the date of which are uploaded to our school calendar.  Board of Trustees meetings are private meetings held in public and as such are open to anyone who wishes to observe.  To request speaking rights at the Board meeting, contact the Board directly advising the topic and names of the person/s who would be speaking, two weeks prior to the advertised meeting date.  Meeting minutes are available for viewing on the school website once they have been ratified and signed at the following months meeting.

How can I get in touch with the board?

If you have a question or comment about the governance or the strategic direction of our school; you can contact the board via  All mail is directed to the Board Chair and is cleared once a week.  Your email will be brought to the Board, as part of our correspondence at our next meeting. Board meeting dates can be found on our school website in our key dates section  Correspondence must be received no later than two days before the scheduled Board meeting in order for it to be included in correspondence to be tabled.  Requests for speaking rights at Board meetings must be received two weeks before the scheduled Board meeting.  You can also find our policies and procedures here. Username is ‘khandallah’ and password is ‘kaukau’.